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FREAKSHOW RED RACING Team is a Northern California Triathlon and Cyclocross Team based from Lodi CA with our title sponsor being Michael David Winery.  Our team was started in 2017 with an emphasis on fun, family, and athlete development.

What about a Michael David Winery Wine that inspired a triathlon and cyclocross racing team?... 
FREAKSHOW RED is a mash-up of man meets wild...Syrah’s untamed and mysterious allure is refined and polished with the addition of Petite Sirah.

Who is that WILD character on the jersey and the wine label?
Bosco is half man and half wild animal... Untamed, mysterious, yet refined and polished! Just like our athletes on our team. Bosco is so popular, we voted him Team Captain! is powered by: US LODI Cycling Club        
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